Welcome to Cryptopolis.

The Cryptohub of E2

A city born from strength and power! A collaboration of some of the key figures on the platform, to create a central hub based on finance, trade and growth.

Linking existing cities together as a unified hub! The city has various sections currently. A “downtown” circle of early adopters, encased within a large walled perimeter.

Below, there are a number of staggering tile arts, who’s size can only truely be appreciated when zoomed out. Similarly impressive is the ” 1 Tile Nation” settlement, which is impossible to miss on the heatmap! To the north of the city are some key areas. Firstly, there are the next stages of home neighbourhoods, with full road networks for access. Upon completion further towns will be created, so you can ensure your own organised homestead within the city Secondly and most importantly, there are the central “goverment” areas.

The Cryptopolis Pillar of Community is a glowing tower, encompassing Embassy plots from multiple other megacities and projects, to establish their own presence in the capital and a louder voice on future developments, as a representation of the E2 world together. The North also houses the Epicentre of Cryptopolis, The Centre of Govenance. A land holding for the core founders of the project. As a group that appreciate change and growth, there are also spots held for future members, as and when needed The city has numerous requests for cooperation and planning, for other disctricts around the extensive island.

Please get in touch if you would like to be represented in your own separate but connected area. With the recent creation of Satoshi Island, an almost replica of the Earth1 project. Also neighbouring Nakamura Island and further down Trade and Wojak Islands. Together these islands forming a new supergroup, the “Crypto Coast”.

The city itself is run by early adopters, content creators and large investors in Earth2. Its growth and expansion have very few boundaries. Cryptopolis should be a place you feel secure in for future developments and a valuable area for trade of property, resources, Essence etc

Establish your own footing in THE cryptohub of Earth2!